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Matt Dolan Northwestern

Healthcare and Medicine


A little bit about background.

Matthew Dolan is Senior Vice President and General Manager of New Markets with DexCom Inc. This company develops and produces diabetic monitoring and managing systems. His abilities and skills in the industry of business management have allowed him to develop a robust level of skill and expertise in a wide array of industries. Over the past 5 years, he has established himself as a quick climber of DexCom’s corporate ladder.

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My Story

More details about career and life

Matt began his career right on the heels of his education at Northwestern University, where he found a place for himself among the Economics undergraduates. This was accompanied by studies in the pre-medical curriculum, but he found the complicated and lucrative aspects of economic and business studies more rewarding and fascinating. His time studying health and medical care provided him with unique topics of interest and passion.


Matthew Dolan’s first job post-college was with Roth Capital Partners. He began his career in 2006 with Roth Capital Partners, LLC. This investment bank focuses on emerging growth companies and investors. Matthew’s works with the company focused on medical companies and trends within the industry, providing insights into the market trends and transactions. As a Research Analyst, he developed a truly impressive history in the field and oversaw dozens of relationships with medical companies. After 3 years he was promoted to Senior Research Analyst, and his time with Roth Capital lasted nearly a decade.

In 2013, Mr. Dolan left for Volcano Corporation, which would later be acquired by Philips. As Director of Business Development, Matt displayed exemplary leadership in acquisitions, investments, partnerships, and more. He was responsible for dozens of client relationships, as well as strategizing and evaluating their portfolios. Though his time with Volcano was relatively short, he was able to leave a lasting impression upon the medical investment and development field.

When Matt Dolan first joined DexCom, Inc. he was given the role of Vice President of Corporate Development. In this role, he led the initiation, negotiation, and management of business relationships with medical, pharmaceutical, and technology companies. These partnerships included such major players as Eli Lily. He oversaw the companies first major strategic investments, providing the organization with several major partnerships and revenue streams. He wasn’t just in it for his immediate success though. Matt developed and presented the board of directors with a long-term strategy and plan that included core business projects and emerging markets as major points of intrigue. He was successful and impressive, and he led a long-term shift in corporate culture. This earned him his next and current position as Senior Vice President, as well as General Manager of New Markets.


Today, Matthew Dolan leads the New Markets division, which he was instrumental in establishing. This division now encapsulates nearly 100 employees and covers multiple target markets including population health, patient monitoring, and pregnancy. Additionally, he has built and initiated a roadmap for evidence-based strategizing and product development. His work with DexCom has been among the most rewarding and fulfilling work of his life, and he looks forward to many more years of work with the company.